How to Become a Certified SPRAVATO™ Treatment Center

SPRAVATO™ is only administered in a medically supervised healthcare setting that is certified under the SPRAVATO™ REMS.


Clinical Profile and Practice Considerations

  • Identify appropriate adult TRD patient population and the potential clinical value of SPRAVATO™
  • Review SPRAVATO™ REMS Requirements
  • Evaluate staff, space and inventory management
  • Evaluate payer requirements and determine additional support needs

SPRAVATO™ REMS Certification

  • Visit
  • Submit SPRAVATO™ REMS Healthcare Setting Enrollment Form, and establish REMS required processes and procedures
  • Confirmation email from SPRAVATO™ REMS when all required information is received
  • Treatment Center becomes visible on SPRAVATO™ Find a Center in 2-3 days unless opted out

Access to SPRAVATO™

  • Pharmacies complete SPRAVATO™ REMS Pharmacy Enrollment Form and Know Your Customer Form
  • To locate a certified SPRAVATO™ pharmacy, call 1-855-382-6022
  • Coordinate with pharmacy and determine dispensing protocol
  • Prescriber writes prescription before each SPRAVATO™ treatment session

Patients for SPRAVATO™ Treatment

  • Submit Benefits Investigation and Prior Authorization Forms
  • Schedule patient intake appointment and submit SPRAVATO™ REMS Patient Enrollment Form
  • Educate patient on the potential side effects of SPRAVATO™ and explain the reason for monitoring from Boxed WARNING, including the process and determination for release
  • One dose of SPRAVATO™ should be dispensed per treatment session

with SPRAVATO™ and Follow Up

  • Treat patient with SPRAVATO™
  • Observe and monitor for at least 2 hours, followed by HCP assessment to determine when the patient is clinically stable and ready to leave the healthcare setting
  • Complete and submit SPRAVATO™ REMS Patient Monitoring Form within 7 days
  • Submit for reimbursement and plan for next appointment

To make a decision regarding an appropriate treatment center for SPRAVATO™, the following requirements and considerations should be evaluated:

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Indication for large populates

Important Safety Information